One of the common symptoms that people with Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP) have is panic attacks. You could have panic attacks out of no where when you have MVP.

A panic attack is a form of reaction to a certain situation in which the people experience unpredicted feeling filled with overwhelming anxiety, fear, and even terror. The circumstances the sufferers feel create a sense of insecurity. When it comes to duration, a panic attack can last from some seconds to a few hours.

The severe panic attack belongs to the one called panic disorder. Once you have panic disorder that takes place frequently, there is no reason for not getting affected by Mitral Valve Prolapse. People with mitral valve problem often go through irregular palpitation and chest pain. Never let this disease predispose your life.

Handy tips on how to stop panic attack fast and easy that you can try

Take Beta Blocker

Cardiologist sometimes prescribed their MVP patients with beta blocker to help lower the patients heart beat and blood pressure. What you might not know is beta blocker also helps in reducing panic attacks.

Please consult with your cardiologist before taking any beta blocker because it is dangerous to take beta blocker without your cardiologist consent.

Take a Deep Breath

Practice your breathing
Practice your breathing

One of the clear indications that you’re getting a panic attack is the way you breathe relatively quicker than the normal one. To handle this condition, you need to stay calm. Start practicing the deep breathing. Taking a deep breath through your mouth is pretty effective in relieving the symptoms of a panic attack. When doing this, be sure to feel the air and let it fill in the belly and chest of yours.

You might want to regularly take Yoga class to help you practice your breathing when you have panic attacks.

Realize that You Get a Panic Attack

To naturally recuperate from a panic attack, there is no way better other than identifying the fact that you are now on a panic attack. By way of this approach, you will shortly realize that this condition is temporary, and everything will be fine. Slowly remove your fear and never think too much. It’s very helpful to stay clear of your worry.

Practice the Muscle Relaxation

Coming down with a panic attack is way frustrating, disrupting your work performance. It’s time to alleviate it with muscle relaxation. This technique is great to control the body’s response. First, unwind your muscle and move it up to the other muscles. Then, do this method a few times. The simplest way you could do is by placing fingers in your hand.

Close Your Eyes and Relax

Close your eyes and relax
Close your eyes and relax

There must be a particular situation triggering the panic attack like a place with plenty of stimuli. To bring down the stimuli, simply shut your eyes. Not only does closing the eyes calm your worries but it also can shun the risks of the worse panic attack. Additionally, it’s an awesome addition when it comes to helping you in regulating the breath.

Focus on a Certain Object

Some find that giving focus on a specific object beneficial to reduce the panic attack. Opt for a clear object around you and keep paying attention to it. While making it as something focal point, you are free to describe how the object looks like, its color, its pattern, its size. Give all energy you have to notice it until the attack subsides.

Go with Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness is such a perfect trick to tackle panic attack down. It can immediately connect you to reality. There is a myriad of ways to go on the mindfulness practice; at least, you can enjoy some physical sensations. For instance, you can feel a smooth texture on your clothes or make a simple movement with your hands. Try to focus on the activity you’re doing.

Apply Benzodiazepines

If you think that medication is the best solution to relieve the panic attack, never hesitate to take benzodiazepines. For sure, you need a prescription from a doctor. Unfortunately, benzodiazepines can be something addictive unless you take control over medicine usage. Always consult with your cardiologist before taking any benzodiazepines.

Imagine that You are Now in a Lovely Place

The bad luck on you soon is ruined after you dream up a paradise according to your version. Simply picture that you get lost in a secluded white-sand beach, accompanied by a glass of refreshing lemonade. Then, delight in your leisure with the sundown. Besides, add some details making you immersed in full serenity with a laid-back setting. See, how the panic attack is easily away.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Don’t you know that irregular level of your blood pressure can lead to a panic attack? There is no harm of keeping a healthy diet to avoid the worsening possibility. You don’t need to buy organic food at a specific restaurant. Just be sure that you eat properly, and your daily intake from vitamin to mineral is met on a daily basis. Moreover, drink plenty of water to remain hydrated.

In a few words, there is a variety of ways on how to stop panic attack fast. For sure, you can take one, two, or three recommended options if you feel convenient with them. Through the steps, you can prevent yourself from mitral valve prolapse.