Those who suffer from a heart-related disease like Mitral Valve Prolapse should realize that a diet plan is nothing yet essential.

The reason why you can’t take it lightly is that foods can improve or even worsen your physical state. According to an investigation, proper diet for people with Mitral Valve Prolapse can significantly bring down the symptoms from irregular heartbeat, panic attacks to chest pain.

Opt for Meals Considered Heart-Healthy

Consume healthy foods on a daily basis. Not only do they make better on your heart condition, but the edible stuff provides a set of nutrition intake to the rests of your body. Keep in mind that foods coming with nutritional balance are the key to let everything great.

For better consideration especially if your ultimate goal is to reduce the symptoms of Mitral Valve Prolapse, try to find foods rich in mineral and vitamins.

Check out This What-to-Eat List!

Speaking of mineral, you might hear that magnesium is a cofactor useful in alleviating either muscle cramps or eye twitches. However, its role is more than that – it can help you battle the Mitral Valve Prolapse. In line with multiple reports, it shows that there is a significant improvement specifically to patients that regularly feed on various meals high in magnesium. There are two types of choices you could have – real food and magnesium supplement.

Diet for people with Mitral Valve Prolapse includes foods that contain multifarious vitamins and minerals. Magnesium and vitamin B6 are included.

It’s pretty fine to meet the required amounts of magnesium with supplement. There is nothing more effectual other than the real food itself. For the best sources of magnesium, never miss out on these following foods:

  • Green leafy vegetables; as their name suggests, the food source is in the shape of greens with wide leaves. The varieties you can choose are kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, and not to mention arugula. For a simple recipe, you might have a try on green salad comprising arugula, basil, and lemon juice to add some flavor.
  • Fruits like avocado, banana, figs, as well as raspberry; you can immediately eat them or turn them into a refreshing fruit salad.
  • Seafood; the edible source from sea includes salmon, tuna, and mackerel. Regardless of the cuisine, be it sashimi or tuna sandwich, this sort of seafood is worth-trying.
  • Legumes; these foods belonging to the bean family include lentils, chickpeas, alfalfa, carob, black beans, and kidney beans.
  • Whole grains; for the daily energy source, you might consume either oats or brown rice.
  • Nuts and seeds, dark chocolate, and chlorella powder

In addition to magnesium sources, vitamin B variety is another element, scientifically proven, to reduce any symptoms caused by Mitral Valve Prolapse. Vitamin B6 is one of the varieties that work effectively with magnesium.

Ensure to include chicken and dried pruned on your daily diet. The foods are rich in vitamin B6. If you want to find another alternative, don’t forget to try sunflower seeds. They could be the most delicious snack to enjoy.

What Typical Foods to Avoid for People with Mitral Valve Prolapse?

Avoid foods that can trigger your MVP symptoms
Avoid foods that can trigger your MVP symptoms

You have to understand that there are some particular that make the heart disease get worse. To improve your life quality mainly on health and to prevent MVP symptoms arise, be sure to keep these following foods away:

  • Coffee; Mitral Valve problem literally can’t tolerate the presence of coffee. Your symptoms become worsening with that. The stimulant itself is nothing else but the caffeine. Do you know that one cup of coffee is comprised of 300 milligrams of caffeine?
  • Alcohol; it should be avoided since it can make your heart beat chaotically in an irregular way. Besides, if you often gulp down the alcoholic beverage, you will seriously get affected by alcoholic cardiomyopathy. This disease severely harms your heart muscle reducing the function of the heart.
  • Chocolate; those who become the true devotees of chocolate, you had better stop your habit of eating the dark brown delicacy – or, your Mitral Valve Prolapse gets worse. Put it differently; it contains some stimulants like theobromine and theophylline. Chocolate is also notorious for its trait in creating a spike on sugar blood.
  • Soft drinks or sodas; these fake beverages are greatly harmful to your mitral valve. They contain sugar relatively high, carbonated water, artificial sweeteners, and varied unhealthy food coloring.
  • Sweets and candies; these extremely sweet foods are arguably the main enemies you need to stay clear of. The ingredients in them produce quickly digesting carbohydrate and sugar easily absorbed in your bloodstream.

For more complete list you can read our article Foods and Things You Need to Avoid if You Have Mitral Valve Prolapse.

Concisely stated, it’s important to note that diet for people with Mitral Valve Prolapse is such a basic approach to improve the health condition.

Foods rich in magnesium and vitamin B6 are the best selection to try. While having some healthy meals, be sure to keep off foods high in calories and sugar like candies and chocolate.