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Month: December 2019

Understanding Myxomatous Degeneration in the Mitral Valve

The mitral valve is a small part of the heart, but it holds an important role in the blood circulation. When a condition such as myxomatous degeneration happens, the valve loses its ability to open and close properly, resulting in irregular blood flow or mitral regurgitation. Knowing about this condition will help you to understand about your physiological function, especially if you have a specific…

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How Serious is Left Atrial Enlargement?

Heart enlargement (cardiomegaly) has several variations; one of them is left atrial enlargement. It happens when the left atrium part of the hearts dilates, resulting in an abnormal heart shape. Some people may live while having it for a long time, but how serious is this condition in reality? If you are worried about experiencing abnormal heart enlargement, read this guide to get the basic…

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What’s Chordae Tendineae and Its Connection with Mitral Valve Prolapse

Various heart conditions require an understanding of different parts of the heart. Each part has important functions that contribute to the organ’s normal works. Chordae tendineae seems like a thin and insignificant part of your heart. However, these thin, string-like tissues are important in keeping a normal blood pumping action throughout the heart. Chordae tendineae is commonly known as the “heart strings” due to the…

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