I have mild MVP with trivial Mitral Regurgitation. My heart rate always goes higher, more than 105 bpm when sitting on the couch few minutes after eating since I was diagnosed 3 years ago, although I’m already on beta blocker, I’m on Concor 2,5 mg/day btw.

I’m always struggling with tachycardia because it will make me a bit afraid to do activities, especially that consumes my energy.

I’ve been doing acupuncture for almost 3 years now because it have help me free from anxiety. So, because I still have occasional chest pain, few weeks ago I asked my acupuncturist on how to reduce chest pain using herbs or simple remedy, I’ve always asked him about herbs and home-made remedies because he use to studied herbs as medicine with one of the well-known expert in here in Indonesia.

Fresh lemonade
Fresh lemonade

So, he advised me to simply drink lemon tea to reduce my chest pain. I did actually drank it but only once because it was making me felt a bit dizzy (I think it’s because of the tea).

Yesterday night, I was out to McDonalds with my wife and kids and I ordered ice lemon tea with rice and scrambled egg plus friend chicken.

From past experience, I knew I will get tachycardia after eating them all but to my surprised I DIDN’T!!

I told my wife about it and I said to her the only thing that was different from the menu I use to ate at McDonald was the ice lemon tea, I usually only ordered mineral water but they run out of water so I ordered ice lemon tea.

The next day I told my wife I want to do an experiment. I asked her to make me ice lemon tea and during lunch I will eat a lot of meal while drinking ice lemon tea to see if my heart rate still in it’s normal range after eating lunch.

To my surprise my heart rate was normal, to make sure I checked my heart rate every 5-15 minutes for about 2 hours to see in there’s a significant increase.

Nothing changed! My heart rate was still in normal zone (with beta blocker my resting heart rate is always between 75-84 bpm), it was between 88 – 92 bpm while I’m standing!

But, I’m still feeling a bit dizzy after drinking a full glass of that tea.

So, today I asked my wife to just mix lemon and water. I drank it after breakfast and after I took my beta blocker.

After lunch without drinking lemon water, my heart rate was around 92-94 (bpm). Then in the evening I ate a large chunk of chicken noodle (still without drinking lemon water) and my heart rate was 94 bpm. Totally still in the normal heart rate zone.

I dunno if it will work in other people, but it does works really well with me.

Anyone have tried lemon water or ice lemon tea before and what effects do you feel to your body?