Mitral valve prolapse (MVP) is a health condition that affects the left chambers of the heart, particularly the valve. The floppy flaps of the mitral valve prolapse when the heart contracts which sometimes causes blood leakage. That said, this health valve disease is rarely life-threatening.

Patients with MVP can live normally because the condition commonly does not have noticeable symptoms. Condition management is the key factor to prevent further complications like arrhythmias and mitral valve regurgitation.

Figuring out the best sleep position is one of the good ways to manage them. Learn more about better sleep positioning that will be good for your heart health.

What Is Mitral Valve Prolapse?

The mitral valve is a valve in the heart that allows blood to flow in the right direction. MVP occurs when the flaps of the valve stretch abnormally or have extra tissue. This condition causes the leaflets to prolapse like a parachute when the heart pumps blood.

Floppy valve syndrome can develop in people at any age and gender but men older than 50 may show serious symptoms. People with health conditions like Ebstein anomaly, Scoliosis, Muscular dystrophy, and Graves’ disease are more likely to develop this disease.

3 Sleep Positions for Patients with MVP

The way you sleep at night affects your overall health. Every position has different pros and cons that you need to consider before going to bed. Patients diagnosed with mitral prolapse can try the following positions to maintain a good condition.

1. Sleep on Your Right Side

Sleeping on the right side is the best position for people with heart conditions. There is an assumption that it can restrict blood flow to the heart but the evidence is not strong enough. When you sleep on the right side, it frees your left side from pressure, allowing the heart to rest in place.

If you have sleep apnea or breathing problems, laying on the right side can also prevent discomfort while sleeping. This improves sleep quality which eventually helps improve heart health.

2. Elevate the Head

Patients with mitral valve prolapse can try to elevate their heads on the bed. Elevating the head can help reduce lung congestion issues, such as paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea and orthopnea. Add more pillows to achieve an incline position for the most effective result.

In recent days, you can find an adjustable bed that allows you to get an elevated sleeping position without adding extra pillows. It also lets you elevate the entire back for ultimate comfort.

3. Avoid Sleeping on Your Back

Patients with heart problems and breathing issues should not sleep on their back. According to research, laying face up can cause poor blood movement, blood oxygenation, and respiratory mechanics compared to a sitting position.

Regardless of the best sleeping position for MVP patients, maintaining good hygiene is another main focus to achieve a better night’s sleep. Practicing a healthy lifestyle also helps promote the quality of your sleep to improve heart health and manage its condition.

The most important thing is that you need to consult your doctor before deciding on a good laying position. Your doctors may recommend otherwise because of several factors like pregnancy or the use of medical devices.